May 06
1.00 PM (CET)

Pharma is moving fast.

Stay on track and prepare your moves. Get the best directions from some of the most experienced professionals in Audits. Our strategic partner, Owlpharma, will share their experience and insights on the next PHARMA WEBINAR.


The world has changed enormously in the past year as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak which affected the pharmaceutical world in several dimensions. With all the constraints and travel restrictions, remote audits have emerged to keep up with the obligation to audit manufacturers. What we still don’t know is how reliable they are and if remote audits are here to stay. Watch our webinar and find out.


André Luz

André Luz

Quality Director & Auditor from Owlpharma
José Gomes

José Gomes

QA Project Manager & Auditor from Owlpharma
Ana Guedes

Ana Guedes

Quality and Technical Director from HELM

Webinar topics I Temas del webinar I Tópicos do Webinar

Differences between remote and presential audits

Remote audit challenges

Future perspectives

Diferencias entre auditorías presenciales y en remoto

Desafíos de las auditorías en remoto

Futuras perspectivas

Diferenças entre auditorias remotas e presenciais

Desafios das auditorias remotas

Perspetivas futuras

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